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36.32 Rock Wool Panels

Product : Rockwool Sheet/Monrock Max E


Short Description : Double-layered ROCKWOOL tiles for fire, acoustic and thermal protection of warm and ventilated flat rooftops. High hardness upper layer is marked with the distinguished label "ROCKWOOL" or with a line in order to simplify correct placing and should always face upwards.

Application / Usage Areas : ROCKWOOL Monrock MAX E tiles are recommended for the construction of flat serviceable and non-serviceable rooftops over concrete constructions or steel high-profile plates. Due to the double-layer structure and dimensional stability, these tiles may be set in one layer, without cold bridge occurrence. Elastic support for mechanical fastening is the greatest advantage for applications with the PVC or TPO roof membranes.

Technical Properties : Totally non-combustible material – reactions to A1 class fires
Double-layered tiles – high hardness of the upper layer gives great resistance against the point load
Excellent thermal insulating properties – low thermal conductivity coefficient value (lambda), additionally improved with lesser density bottom layer
Acoustic insulation properties
Vapour permeable
Water repellent
Dimensional stability
Chemically neutral

Quality and Guarantee Certificates : EUCEB, CE, EPD

Commmercial Relationship : Importer

Keywords : Building energy rating certificate, Rockwool, Rockwool façade cladding, Rockwool suspended ceiling, Fire insulation